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Free Lube Capsule Trial

Respect Brisbane office is giving away some free samples of Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Body Glide
Free Lube Capsule Trial


We are giving away a free trial of Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Capsule.

If you have never heard of these lubricating capsules before and want to experiment something you could use in your work, we can provide you some samples and a guide today!

If you have used them before and you are using them at work or prefer not to use them at all, share us your thoughts!

We would love to hear from our community what's your opinion on these lube. Would it be something useful? Would it be clever for us to use at work? Should we supply them cheaply for you? Or just don't go there at all...

Get in quick because we have a limited amount available.

Guide and feedback form CLICK HERE

Contact Angelina on 0476 061 661 or

Come to our Brisbane office to get them:

28 Mein Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Our Brisbane office hours are Monday to Friday 12pm - 5pm