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Sex workers organisations, blogs and arts

National and international sex worker organisations. And individual contributions by sex workers.

Australian sex workers' organisations


Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers' Association

Scarlet Men

New South Wales (NSW)

Sex Workers Outreach Project - SWOP

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Sex Workers Outreach Project - SWOP

Victoria (VIC)

RHED (Victoria)

Vixen Collective (Victoria)

South Australia (SA)

Sex Industry Network - SIN

Sex Worker Action Group Gaining Empowerment Rights Recognition - SWAGGER

Western Australia (WA)


Sex Work; Education, Advocacy And Rights) - SWEAR

Northern Territory (NT)

Sex Workers Outreach Project - SWOP

Tasmania (Tas)

Scarlet Alliance's Project - Tasmanian Sex Worker Project

319 Liverpool Street, Hobart (and conducts outreach to regional areas)
P: 03 6234 1242 M: 0451 835 897 E:

New Zealand

New Zealand Prostitutes Collective

International sex workers' organisations


Network of Sex Work Projects - NSWP

International Union of Sex Workers

The International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education - ISWFACE


Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers

Zi Teng (Taiwan)

North America

PENET - Prostitutes Education Network (USA)

Sex Workers Project New York

Prostitutes of New York [PONY]

Stella Montreal (Canada)

PACE Society (Vancouver, Canada)

Sex Workers Action Group (SWAG) Canada


European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health among Migrant Sex Workers - TAMPEP

International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)

STAR (Republic of Macedonia)

Red Umbrella Athens


Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce - SWEAT

Sex workers

Individual sex worker's blogs, art-spaces, facebook, twitter, etc. There are many national and internation sex worker facebook groups.

Sexy Jodine

Scarlet Road

Sex love and her truth

The Naked Truth (Canada)