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Sexual health certificates

Sexual Health Certificates

Sex workers in licensed brothels must provide the brothel manager with a valid sexual health certificate every 3 months.


Sexual Health Checks that meet the Sexual Health Check - Certificate of Attendance requirements can be conducted, not only by Sexual Health Clinics or Sexual Health Specialists, but by any medical doctor / General Practitioner (GP). If your doctor is not experienced with the process, you can direct them to the links below or ask us for a Testing Tip for General Practitioners Z-card.

NOTE: The information contained in these sources, although credible for the purposes of informing a GP to issue a Sexual Health Check - Certificate of Attendance, may imply that sex workers are a higher STI risk. Currently, there is no evidence that we know of that indicates sex workers in Australia have rates of STI higher than other sexually active people in the general population. However there is evidence that sex workers in Australia have STI rates lower than other priority groups.

Comprehensive Sexual Health Assessment.
Screening Priority Groups – Sex Workers.
Certificate of Attendance: PDF

Respect Inc does not conduct Sexual Health Checks or give out completed Sexual Health Certificates. We can give you a referral to sex worker friendly Health Practitioners.