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Cairns Respect Office Support, information, advice and anything to do with sex work in Queensland.



Cairns office will be closed for a fortnight, re-opening on September 26th at midday.

Cairns Office, 7/24 Florence St Cairns, 4870.

Mo can be contacted at

0413 571 394           (07) 4051 5009

Cairns Drop in Hours

Tuesday 12 - 4 pm

Wednesday 12 - 3 pm

Thursday 12 - 3 pm

If you are a sex worker, our drop in hours are the best hours to contact one of our peer educators or come in to purchase supplies. During these hours only peers will be onsite.

On Tuesday we focus on physical health and fitness and social and emotional wellbeing.
We don't have exercise classes, but we have a zumba disc, and a Wii fit and board, you are welcome to come along during drop in hours and have a try at these things, or discuss various ways or places you look after yourself, like walking, getting a massage, meditation, crystals, singing, drumming or whatever works for you, share it with us.
On Wednesday we focus on creativity and sex work activism. We could mosaic some pavers with messages of tolerance and acceptance towards sex workers, all kinds of messages and all kinds of creativity. Learn about activism and seeing what is happening in the world of sex work activism, we really need to get active on decriminalisation, you may like to be involved.
On Thursday we focus on community development, eduction and enterprise, these are the days we will have workshops and community development events. Of course specific events will be held of the actual date. On these days we can have people who sell things  like sex toys, lingerie, make up, perfume or whatever, trying out parties. They will need to advertise and organise the parties themselves, but can use the office and can send sms messages from the Respect mobile.


This is an afternoon tea for sex workers only, come in and talk to other sex workers, find out what's happening in the area, or get involved with some of the things we are trying to achieve for sex workers in Queensland and Australia, like decriminalisation of sex work, or workshops in various types of sex work and issues around sex work.

Upcoming Dates for Tea n Tarts:

Tea and Tarts will be on the 4th Thursday this month due to office being closed for 2 weeks.

September 28th

CairnsOctober 19th


Workshops are held here every Thursday at 1 pm, even if you're not a new worker but new to

Queensland these are handy because we cover the law and advertising laws for Queensland in them. You can do the parts you want to and skip the parts you have covered already.

Coming Workshops


Let me know what workshops you'd like to do, or what type of information we could offer that we

don't already.

Community Consultation Group

So that we are current and relevant in our services and the delivery of them. Contact Mo if you are a current sex worker interested in being involved.

0413 571 394



We have internet and a computer you can access.

The Cairns office has a small sitting area with a potted garden where you can sit and relax, choose from our selection of herbs for your cuppa.

Come along and watch a dvd, play on the Wii or do some yoga stretches if you need to get away from your room.