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Cairns Respect Office Support, information, advice and anything to do with sex work in Queensland.



Cairns Office, 7/24 Florence St Cairns, 4870.

Mo can be contacted at

(07) 4051 5009

Mobile: 0413 571 394

Cairns Drop in Hours

Tuesday 12 - 4 pm

Wednesday 12 - 3 pm

Thursday 12 - 3 pm

If you are a sex worker, our drop in hours are the best hours to contact one of our peer educators or come in to purchase supplies. During these hours only peers will be onsite.


Decriminalise Sex Work

As sex workers in Queensland we have been working with (and around) laws that get in the way of our safety, health and rights.

Times have changed since 1999 when the Prostitution Act was introduced and sex workers deserve more.

Our membership has called for it - so we are getting behind Queensland sex workers and working on ensuring sex worker voices are heard.

Your sex work experience makes you an expert and we will need everyone's skills and knowledge to make this happen.

New focus on Decriminalisation

If you'd like to be involved

0491 228 509




This is an afternoon tea for sex workers only, come in and talk to other sex workers, find out what's happening in the area, or get involved with some of the things we are trying to achieve for sex workers in Queensland.

Upcoming Dates for Tea n Tarts in 2018:

April 19th

May 17th

June 21st


Workshops are held here every Thursday at 1 pm


Community Consultation Group

So that we are current and relevant in our services and the delivery of them.

Contact Mo if you are a current sex worker interested in being involved.


If you would like to put articles or art or anything in the newsletter, RespectED, contact me here.