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Career Development Program

Respect Inc's Career Development Program is a support program for sex workers who would like to explore employment and training opportunities.

As sex workers ourselves the Career Development Program peers are uniquely qualified to understand the needs of sex workers who are trying to change the way they work.  Whether you would like to change the type of sex work you do, expand your sex work skills, find work outside the sex industry or stop doing sex work, we offer judgment-free support and information about work, training and education.


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Sex work related jobs are posted regularly to the CDP facebook page as well as insights into utilising sex work skills in the broader work force.

If you would like to speak to us about the program please contact Eva, the Career Development Peer.

Eva's regular office hours are 10.00am - 3.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday. You can get in touch by visiting the Brisbane office, calling, texting or emailing.

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We are not associated with law enforcement and will not give your information to anyone. 
You are welcome to contact us using any name you prefer.